Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pulling it back together

Exams were finally over last week!!! After months of slogging like a mad dog now can relax.... went to Batam last weekend as planned with Alvin and Ben... it was a good trip overall... except for Ben who was being a cb always want to go here go there.. cannot sit still and stay at one place for a while.. like he was on some fucking steriods or something... Day 1, did 2 rounds of go-carting then some rounding in town... Day 2 was having breakfast by the poolside when saw an ang mo walking in with a indo gal wearing a tight short skirt... then we were talking about how much something like that would cost...when 2 ang mo guys sitting at the table next to us joined in the conversation... they were actually 2 waiters from wales on a backpacking trip in Asia... The only thing i know about wales was Ryan Giggs... Then the 3 of us and 2 horny ang mos went to town... went to this massage place where we each got a room then a gal came in to massage... the rest went in and alvin and me had 2 gals to choose... alvin bastard he chose the one with a low cut tank top... i got another one with a tight tee... she had big boobs so nvm... the best part was his gal could speak english while mine cannot... so i had to use my broken one-two word malay to communicate... suprisingly we hit it off quite well.... she was young, 25 and was actually a divorcee with 2 lil kids and need to support her family.. when she firs entered her face was like arrogant and fierce but then she started to smile and look kind of sweet... thought she was chinese but she was an indo malay but the really fair one....she then asked wat race i was... then i said i was a mix of ang mo and asian then she said i was a "blaster".... i asked her what the hell was a blaster then she said blaster is wad they call someone who is of mixed blood... hahaha.... 1st time i heard that in my life.... the hr long massage was damnn cheap then before i left she said i come back again to batam to look for her... haha...

headed to have some seafood after that.... had soo much to eat whihc cost us 1/3 of what we would have paid in sg... then was walking along some mall when this guy.. bomo or bobo... dunoo what his fuck name approached us say he know all the good places in batam.. we actually wanted to go to a night club then he brought us to this place... the music damn motherfucking loud.... then play techno music some more... then in the club got 4 gals(think his frend) appeared and he say they want to dance with us... then after a while the gals say they want a drink..... then they ordered long island ice tea which cost us S$10 a glass!! fucking hell we were only having beer which cost 1/2 that cost... and further more why the fuck should we pay for them... KNN... not wanting to create any problem we paid for it and left 10 mins later incase those cbs feel thirsty and ask for a JD bottle or something...alvin say they are freelancers who will follow the guy back to the hotel for a fee....bloody hell the next time i spent S$10 on a freelancer she better be having my long island ice dick in her mouth!! haha...

the night club sucked so we went back to the hotel...before we left, had to pay that pimp S$40 for his so-called services on showing us ard and introducing those twats.. what a fucking rip-off!!! it was already 2am when we reached back to the hotel then one of the ang mo guys brought 2 bottles of vodka from their room and we sat b the poolside and talk cock... now we got kaki if we ever go to wales and they got kaki if they ever come to sg.... we came back the net day morning while they stayed on to leave to bali later that evening...

View from the hotel Suite

My New Amigos :)

Another Amigos... Sleeping in a box

On another note, i started work at my new co. on wednesday... nothing fancy.. just like a normal sme... but a bit fucked up cos got no chio bu... only got aunties... the office below got alot but its different then working in the same co... sucks..

Feel funnie going ack to work after such a long break but guess i have to get used to it.... the colleagues are not really that friendly as my ex co.... some got stucked up attitude gimme that cb face... a few of them are quite friendly and came up to talk... anyways i dun give a flying fuck... im there to work.. after 6 i go my seperate way... the jobs been kinda slack so far... ideal for me when my next semester starts....

speaking about class... its wierd now that i do not have to go classes after work... sometimes feel at a lost... after work dunno what the fuck to do... can't wait for class to start... then can meet new ppl.. :)


Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

sounds like u had a wind-down session. ;)

yup..this yr idols, despite it's a joke for so many auditions, this batch in terms of looks/singing, it's much MUCH more better than the last session. :)

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

looks like someone having a good time eh? hehe

now BACK TO WORK!! :p

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha.. your amigos damn cute lehh

5:13 PM  
Blogger The Horny Bitch said...

Maybe she wanted to say bastard. Hahahah.

I need a holiday too... sniff...

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u got fuck the chicks there bo?

planet got alot of FL..

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Angel said...

Welcome back!! =)


4:58 PM  
Anonymous browneyes said...

hmm...the view looks like its from Harris Resort...cool place to relax..was there last week.

12:27 PM  
Blogger MAC Daddy said...

horny bitch - hahah.. maybe.. i guess we'll never know the truth..

angel - welcome back to you... :))

eyes - yea.. harris, the poolside view would be better but the suite was not avaliable..

4:11 PM  
Anonymous browneyes said...

Gotta check out their 2-room beach villas which will be ready in July, so they say. hai...job wise just have to swallow whateva they ask, for now...no rice bowl jialat....hang in there mate!

12:32 PM  

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