Friday, March 17, 2006

Fuck Buddies

Knn.. what the fuck is wrong wit you ppl man?!?!! juz read a blog where this gal goes on abt her so called fuck buddy.. she claims that that there is this guy who is the fuck buddy but claims its wierd cos she doesn't know much abt him?? Apart from his name, 100% male and that he is great in bed.. what the fuck do you need to know??!! his IC no.?? his sec sch?? his army camp?? his father and mother name?? Cheebye.. u might as well as him to send you his resume 1st lah next time before you accept him as your fuck buddy... a fuck buddy is just to fuck when your hole becomes itchy.. not someone to cling on to or go for movies with.. if like that better go find yourself a bf lah biatch... this kind of ppl irritate the shitt out of me...

been bombarded with soo much fucking h/w.. went to see the lecturer today to clear some issues.. just realized that i need to draw quite a no. of bladdy diagrams for my proj.. fuck.. can i just pay someone to do it? At least i'm jobless now so not so bad.. got time to get the shit done..

so many interviews but nobody want to hire me... knn.. they can go fuck themselves lah.. waste my fucking time ask me all the cock Qs and have to smile at their fucking ugly face througout the interview... better relax for a while b4 finding another job.. perhaps till after my exams finish in May.. maybe go for a short trip too.. dirrty weekend in Batam.. hahahah... alamak.. the gahmen now can catch if play gal overseas lah.. knn.. now where to go and play? Bangkok?? humm better not lah.. later open the skirt turn out to be a guy.. just like what happen to Gary the other time we went there.. hahaha... blur cock lah he.. umm now Tasking supporters also roiting like mad there... better stick to Batam.. i really need a break..

Can find a job after that.. ahahha.. To all you cheebye companies who interview me and never select me.... U can suck my cock and call me daddy.


Blogger MAC Daddy said...

alamak... think my blogger is screwed up.. dunno wad happen to the comments..

umm... guys pls re-post..

im new to this shite...tkz

4:39 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

don't worry sweety. im sure u can get a job soon.. they probably do not deserve you :))

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm.. wat happened to my post.. heehee.. anyways..well just wanted to knoe wat ure studying..


12:53 PM  
Blogger MAC Daddy said...

am doing my deg in engerr

12:30 PM  

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