Friday, March 10, 2006

2nd Interview

knn.. went for my 2nd interview today.. Interview time 9.30am.. was there on the dot, plus was wearing a stupid tie cos the interviewer was soo picky that he complain to the agent the first time round no one wore a tie and not a proper dress code blah blah... wtf man!! its not some senior mgt position or president level or wad sia.. nxt timw wear ties then wear coat then carry brief case got for interview lah.. even more proffessional.. some more SG soo hot which cock will wear tie and walk ard admist the afternoon sun?? bladdy cock...

nvm make him happy so i wore a tie which i borrowed frm my dad... was there on the dot and when i reached there, the recptionist said he kena some fucking accident then will be late.. wtf!! can at least inform me b4 hand.. call me on my mobile n tell lah.. cheebye at least i can go grab some b-fast b4 reaching there.. make me wake up soo early then end up waiting there like an idiot till 10.20am when he brough his fat ass into the office.. i was siting there for like fucking 45 mins doing nothing man.. asshole..

well the interview was ok... at least i guess.. as alot of cock questions like diff senarios n such.. most of the senarios like i am some mgr and incharge of a grp of ppl.. i mean wtf sia.. got no relevance to the job im applying for?? its not a mgr's position for goodness sake man!! anyways ans his Qs and make that fucker happy... dunno can get the job or not lah..

on another note.. sch is being a cheebye.. handed in a project report due 2 weeks later yesterday and the bastard lecturer like not happy cos i hand in earlier.. then trying to find fault with the report say this not in that not in... knn bastard.. then ask me to re-do it again.. knn.. ask him go fuck spider lah.. think i soo free ah.. do a report then re-do again.. told him all the points needed are already inside and i dont see why i shouldn't get an A... dosen't mean i hand in earlier than expected mean its of no quality... fuck his ass back to India man.. wan to play punk with me.. i already have 9 modules this semester, 5 exams and 4 projects and deadling for all then projs are mid next mth!!!! i re-do his father's ass for him lah.... dickhead..

Friday nite and am sitting at home.. no $$$ no honey...

i need a job soon!!!


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