Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Virgin Post

ok, i've finally decided to start my very own blog... somewhere i can pen my thoughts ... but is my life soo happening until i have so many things to write abt ?? haha i dun koe.. guess only time will tell. But i'll probably try to do it every now and then tho...but whether or not i hav the discipline that's a diff story...

well was bumming at home as usual today till i recieved a tel call from come courier service.. the guy said that there was some parcel to be delivered for me?? umm.. i wonder what it is..humm.. its not my b-day, not any special day either!! wanted to ask him who the sender was but he already hung up the ph.. i wonder wat it might be.. juz hope it not some bomb or smth sent by my enemies that would explode in my face aft i opened it... haha.. wells guess i have to wait and see..

hiya fuck man.. its almost been a month and im still jobless..but bummin' ard at home is good.. but the wierd thing is i can't slp aft 0830.. somehow my body has already been accustomed to waking up for werk early every morning.. but its good so i can start finishing my projects for this semester faster... damn i really need to manage my time cos i got like fucking 9 modules to clear this time round.. and the break from working life is giving me wad i need.. but need to find a job soon.. my fucking bank account looks like its gonna empty soon.. KNN

2 interviews still pending.. we'll see how it goes..



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