Sunday, March 12, 2006


ahh.. the weekend came and went but it made no difference to me.. everyday is like a fucking holiday once you are jobless...

Went to class in the morning, saw a funnie incident today at City Hall MRT.. 2 guys.. one abt 30 and the other abt 40... they started shouting at each other as they were abt to get on the escalator then the younger guys said "you push me for fuck?"...then the older guy shouted back, "Fuck U..i where got push you?".. then the younger guy rolled up the entire Sunday Times and flung it at the older guy's face...This pissed the older guy and he took a swing at the younger guy.. the younger guy the took a swing and this broke the older guy's specs and sent him flying to the ground.. then a lady came and tried to break them up... haha..

Fucking cocks!! can't believe singaporeans can even fight over something as trival as going up the fucking esclator!???! KNN just give way lah.. 1 person before you wont't make that big of a bladdy difference man... Stupid fucks.. if you ask me, both of them asked for it..

This got me thinking of the ugly side of singaporeans...like when the MRT door's open and they charge in like soldiers going for battle even before the people can alight! All because they want to get the best seats in the train?? or when u try to board a bus and people keep nudging u as the door opens?? i mean what the fuck man!! talk about giving way to others!! even when i was in Sydney and London, the people always let the passengers alight before they board and on the esclator, they always keep to the left so that those in a rush can move up on the right... Fucking kiasu man singaporeans!!

Humm.. got interview with another company tomorrow morning.. 9.30am again!! KNN that interviewer better not be fucking late like the other one... Have to wake up early again.. fuck shit man.. got soccer tonite some more.. AssNearl vs my beloved Liverpool.. 12 am.. KNN.. hope i can wake up in time...

we are all in a fucking rat race.. work all your life then retire when ur weak and wait for your death day... bastardly life man.. i want mine to be more interesting.. i want to retire at 30?? hahahaha....

Fuck.. should have become a rockstar


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