Friday, April 07, 2006

Damn Fast

KNN... so fast today is friday!!!? the week just like fly past like rocket.. this usually happened when i was working cos i alwayz look forward to the weekend.. guess i muz be bz with my assignments that i nvr realize the time pass by soo fucking fast... finished one this wk.. another 2 due nxt wk and the last 2.. 2 wks frm now.. then its the exams!! fucking stressed man... think if i was working cfm no fucking time to cope..

met IK yesterday to sell him by hp... that fucker has been eyeing my N70 since the 1st time he saw it... was waiting for him at raffles city then saw JBJ... he was giving out flyers to support his party in the elections... he was standing there for almost 20mins and ppl just walk past him as if he wasn't there... what's the point of campaigning ??? U will NEVER topple the PAP... unless something huge happens... i rem seeing him on tv whn i was damn young.. going to jail in a police van.. then he was much thinner and had black hair.. now?? much fatter and no hair later he still doing the same thing.. i juz don't understand y he want to waste his fucking life ike that instead of retiring and enjoying his last yrs with his grandchildren and wife?!!! It's good to fite 4 what u believe in but one has to know when to quite and do something meaningful with their life... we are just like frogs inside a well... born here, bred here, and die here... for goodness sake the world is a much bigger place!! soo many things to do.. soo many places to see... i haven't done all the things i wanted to do b4 i die.. like see the pyramids, visit the zoolu tribe.. have a MFF threesome...

yea that bitch IK finally came half and hr later.. i didn't know it take 30 mins from marina to raffles city!!? KNN fuck him up for making me wait soo long.. then passed him my hp and he was damn fucking happpy... just heard frm Lex that motorola will be releasing the v3i in diff colors in 2Q 2006... knn lucky i nvr buy the silver one 1st.. look soo fucking boring... probably use the $300 from the progress shite to get it.. good timing cos my contract is about to expire also... but fuck till then have to use the miserable 8850... soo fucking basic hp.. only can use to call and sms.... KNN..

humm...'Janet' the salesgirl msg and ask if im going MOS tonite.. replied her that i don't need a cheebye to fuck tonite... she then replied with a smily face.. haha..

been getting irritating calls from this wine broker... keepin calling and asking to buy some OZ wine.. and each bottle cost AUD 120!! KNN he fucking mad to think i will pay soo much for a bloody bottle of wine... soo fucking ex.. cold storage sell for $14.. CCB.. the vinyard use Queen Elizabeth shitz as fertilizer is it? or the bottle cork made of gold?? that dickhead call me again i swear im going to fuck him upside down.. hate ppl who can't take No for and ans.. well at least i was polite the 1st time and my tolerance is not very high.. so yea.. he asked for it.


Anonymous Angel said...

yeap.. time flies.. me headache also.. doing assignments..*stress* :#

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

guess some poeple devote their life to their jobs/ambitions that they find it hard to let go..

I want to see the world before i get old..heh heh

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Jane doe said...

you seem like an interesting guy :>

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

Yeshh..I am thiking of getting the dark pink color one..

can't wait.. :))

7:55 PM  

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