Friday, March 24, 2006


well my aunt and uncle from oz came by my hse for a visit... they have been in sg for abt a week and finally decided to drop by before they leave this sat.. was feeling kinda bad that never visit them all this while but not my fault.. cos they are either out or busy in the day, then at nite i got classes, well except today.. it was good to see them again after such a longgg time.. the last time i saw them was apr'04...i think.. went over for my coz's wedding...and will usually stay at their hse if i go over... fuck man i miss that place!! soo laid-back, beautiful surrounding.... happening nite clubs (where u can get a lap dance for just 20 bucks that will make ur brother soo hard that it want to explode!!), friendly ppl..yea if u walk down the streets, ppl would greet each other even tho they dun know them.. u try in SG they give u that 'fuck off' look or say 'sieow ah'.... knn fucking mentality man... some more everything there soo fucking cheap!! house.. cars.. my cos bought a nissan 350z for bladdy AUD$50 K!!! knn that kind of car will cos > S$120!! fuck man i feel like going there again... AUD vs SING $1.16!! ccb man, sometimes i tink i born in the wrong family... life would be much more diff...

umm.. talking abt family.. i think mines really screwed up.. 3 of my cousins spreading rumours telling others not to talk to me... knn ccb.. my own family members spread this kind of fuck shit within the family itself..wft??!! anyways i nvr did anything to them dunno y the fuck they wan to say such things abt them.. umm.. the only reason i can think of is cos if wad happened btw me and my dad... but fuck you, you 3 bitches!! wad happen btw me and my dad.. IS BTW ME AND MY DAD!!! who the fuck u think u are to get involved?!! no wonder almost 40 still single.. this kind of motherfucked up attitude which guy wan??!! U not happy, at least come up straight to my face and say lah.. knn.. at least i respect u for tat... dunno wad actually happened and still like a coward spread this kind of shit behind my back.. bladdy old pussies!! anyways i see them onli once a yr and not close to them so i dun give a flying fuck... they can probably grow old and die loners for all i care.. dumb fucks. hummm.... ...haven told anyone this b4.. except for onli 1 of my ex-gf...stuff btw me and my dad go back yrs back when i was 14.. can still rem it like it happened yesterday..

I was in my room listening to the radio when i heard a knock on the door.. opened the door and saw my dad.. he barged into the room and started beating me... i was a scrawny lil boy back then so i tried to fend off myself... then then took a swing at me which broke my nose...actually i did not feel any pain at first only a warm feeling down my nose.. i tot it was some mucus of wad..soon blood started ozzing out like nobody's business... withing seconds my t-shirt was covered in blood, the floor was standing on was covered blood and there was blood splatter along the sides of the wall... i nvr b4 seen soo much blood in my life b4... he probably got scared when he saw the blood and went out then my mom came in and tried to stop the bleeding by making me lean my head backwards... sh then brought me to the toliet to wash up... till today i dun know why the fuck i was beaten up tat day until like tat... my mom was saying that the teacher complained tat i was rude or something.. but fuck u man!! tat's no way to discipline a kid... there was also another incident when i was 12.. pri6 then... 6.50am and i was putting on my shoes for school.. then my mother relaized that her $10 was missing.. she asked if i took it and i said no.. then my dad said i muz haven taken it to buy my cards.. i used to be mad abt collecting those dragonball cards then.. sued to save out of measly $1/day allowance and go w/o lunch to buy them.. by then i had got quite a large collection with some "special" cards... he said i took the $10 to buy those cards and didnt believe me when i said no... u know what the fuck he did!!! he took the cards frm my drawer and tore them right b4 me!!! KNN.... and i went to sch crying that day.... that very afternoon my mom found the $10 buck cos she realized that she had misplace it!!! i was sooo fucking mad i went to bed without dinner tat day... final straw came abt 2 yrs ago... a few of my stuff were in the hall as my room was too messy and i tied the stuff i wanted and put them in a bag outside so i got more room to clear... u know that fucker did.. one fine day he just took the bag and brought it down to the dumpster!!! when i came back that day and was searching for my bag... my mom said that he threw it away!! i was soo fucking pissed... not only it contained my stuff.. CDs, books and also stuff belonged to my fren.. KNN i confronted him why he did tat then he said watever that is out in the hall for more than 2 wks he will autmatically throw away... fucking hell this is a house for goodness sake.. not a military camp or DB... he want to rule the place like fucking hitler.. we started shouting then he approach me like wan to wack me.. fucking hell.. this time i nvr back down... i dun care who the fuck the person can be... if they make me angry and still wan to challange me... i'll take them on..no 2nd thoughts. my mom then came and broke us up b4 anything could happen.. luckily in a sense cos if i had taken a swing at him... i'd probably need to find a new place to stay... and yea.. since then we nvr talked... so no probs so far.. lets maintain tat for now.. cos its only a matter of time b4 i get my own place and move out...fuck man i can't wait for that day...

humm.. yea guess enuff my personal shitz.. C msg me yeaterday saying that she got an offer frm another co. but is still thinking of whether to accept it or not... more $$ but lesser job prospects + more OT than her current... told her to tink abt it carefull b4 making a choice... C and me go back some time.. when we were working together in my ex-co. till she left abt a yr ago... diff dept but she was one of the persons i 1st got to knew when i joined the co. started to get closer but nth more cos she had a bf and i a gf then.. usually go for movies / dinners aft work.. then got closer over the next 2 yrs... soon started flirting over SMS or over the ph at nite...meet at the staircases during work for a smoke.....in a co. where almost every motherfucker backstabs another fucker, can safely say we only trusted each other......humm aft she left the co, we still kept in touch but cannot meet up as often cos of job/class commitments... heard she is going to get married end this yr/early nxt yr... wish her well..

but honestly... fuck man..ppl wan to get married now for wad? juz look at the divorce rate... go tru all those trouble and spend soo much $$ on the wedding then Q at MOM for some cb fucking 'date' like 08/08 or wad.. then in the end divorce... wan to divorce also soo fucking troublesome.. have to seperate for 2 yrs then only can divorce.. then all those fucking cb lawyers sit on their fat ass and collect $$ and put in their pocket... no wonder the lawyers car all soo big one.. should be damn fucking rich cos of all the suckers ard.. oh yea talking abt lawyers, i saw that ind lawyer.. dunno what his fucking name lah.. the one wth the beard... the anthony ler case one.. quite famous oso walking at City House when i went to meet John 4 lunch a few mths ago... he like walking ard so relaxed with his hands in his pocket.. probably thinking how the fuck he is going to spend all those $$$ he got in his bank.... all tkz to the s'porean suckers..every small this oso wan to sue... scold vulgaities also wan to sue.. show middle finger also wan to sue.. KNN..

wahh.. tired already.. think i wrote too much already.. going to bed..zzzz


Anonymous Jessica said...

Oh u poor thing... -hugz-.. i always believe in retribution.. what goes around, comes around.. =)

yea in s'pore everything is soo strict.. -sigh-

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Tianlong said...

Sorry to hear about that. I have defective parents too. My mom will always hit me and scold me for almost no apparent reason, and now that she's gone (at last), my Dad will harp on my mistakes and bring on my past mistakes even when they are already corrected.

I wish they will both go to heaven or they should just give me what I deserve for their fuckedupness and leave me alone for good.

I can do without them. I hate them both to the bone.

Bad parents are WORSE than no parents. Orphans to get taken care of better in orphanages or even, under another set of parents.

10:52 AM  
Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

cheer up ...

life's a bitch! :D

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Angel :) said...

Well.. we can't always dwell on the past.. we need to move on.. learn to live life through these experiences we had..

These experience makes us a stronger person within..

5:30 PM  

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