Tuesday, March 21, 2006

From me to you

Went for an interview this morning.. rather interesting one. Frankly i dun rem sending in any resume lately till a guy called me up yesterday.. finally found out that i actually sent the application ages ago.. fucking hell now then call me.. Not really looking for a job desperately on but i tot 'wad the heck'... since im soo free no harm going down to see the place.. who knows wad might happen.. and boy was i right.. haha..

9.30 am sharp was at the lounge waiting for him (fuck, i dunno y ppl like to put interviews soo early in the morning.. probably too fucking free after reaching work dunno wad to do). He then appeared, with his boss.. His boss was this short fat old chn guy... On first impression he reminded me of one of the managers in my ex-co. Got no knowledge about the actual work process but can become manager cos everyday lick his boss ballss tat type.. Fuck i hate these kind of ppl man!! If u think u wanna manage me.. u fucking make sure u know more than me.. else i dun see any bladdy cb reason why i should report to u... im not arrogant or wateva fuck but just dun expect me to report to a ball licking cock carrying fucker lah.. He also got that fucking cunning face (that i feel like pissing all over) and my 1st impressions of ppl are usually rite!! Ok interview started and he started talking about his co.. got branches here there.. everywhere.. got diff depts then all work together blah blah... i almost doze off listen to his fuck shite.. then when i ask his about the actual job desc.. he looked abit blur and asked the other guy to explain to me... Confirmed my suspicion that he was one of those so-called "tok cock ONLY" mgrs.. I immediately knew this was NOT the job for me.. and since im already there..juz see it tru... Some interesting things that happened during the interview...

Lets call that mgr fat fuck.. hahaha

FF: Ok, So tell me about your job experience and qualifications?
Me : It's all stated in my resume.

Strike 1

FF: umm.. So wad kinda process does your ex-co use?
Me : We use the XYZ process.
FF: humm... why not use the ABC process?
Me : I dunno. I juz follow my co procedure. We have been using XYZ for all these yrs.
FF: yea ok, but if ABC is better, why not change to it?
Me: Tat one u have to ask my management. I juz follow their instructions.

Strike 2... (fuck u.. if my ex-co wants to use that process..wad ur fucking prob??!

FF: Ok, we now use DDD method for our co. Is there any way we can improve or enhance this?
Me: Yes, there is. if u change some of the functions, the DDD method can function more efficiently.(this is the truth.. cos i have tried it b4 and it works)
FF: (looking abit surprised, turns over to his assitstant who also looks abit surprised). Oh really? Can you tell us what are the functions?
Me : Ok..But u have to hire me, then i can show u.

Strike 3... KNN u old bastard.. u think i come own all the way to provide free consultation service for u ah?!! Dream on!!

(By now he was looking abit fustrated, but i was enjoying my self..taken the shite.. now im giving back some)

FF: So did ur ex-co use outsourced services?
Me: Yes, we outsourced XYZ services.
FF: Oh, so how much you paying them for their services?
Me: I cannot reveal that kind of financial info to u.

Strike 4

FF: Ok before we end this interview, i like my colleague to give u a short Quiz.
Me: Quiz? Actually i gotta rush for another interview in 30 mins time. Maybe we can carry on with this another time.

Strike 5... fucking hell.. u wan to doubt my qualifications and work exp??!! bastard ur co. is not some HUGE MNC or wad ok..for goodness sake its juz a fucking local co. yet u wan to give me soo much of shite??!

Man.. i tell u that felt good!! hahaha.. Jeff called whilst i was on my way back and told him abt wad happened.. he was thinking of doing it every now and then too...hahaha.. poor chap has been finding for a job for some time now.. still no luck....

bought TNP.. KNN everyday got that tasking shite inside.. the reporters got nothing else to write about ah? everyday protest and protest.. so free one ah the thai ppl??? that tasking also another cock.. got US3 billions dollars in the pocket then still dont wan to retire.. KNN greedy fuck sia... that kinda of $$ can last dunno how many generations of his family man!!! Stupid fuck...

ummm if i got 4 million dollars...

1) i buy a penthouse in orchard
2) buy over Zouk (so can party and drink everyday for free... hahahha)
3) buy a honda integra and mod like fuck
4) give SPCA some $$

oh yea...
5) get the new RAZR V3i (finally a good shite from motorola....)


Anonymous Andrew said...

HAHA.. interviwee 5 interviewer 0

good one bro!! :)

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm.. think that manager must be sweating profusely when interviewing YOU.. :)

And his assistant would be thinking..'man.. that's a good one!' when u tekan his BOSS.. then he would also be thinking.."why the hell am i still here? boot licking this f***ing boss??"

Well i have always felt that the interviewee always has the greater power.. *personal opinion* I need to feel comfortable in order to work in that area/company, if i don't, that's it - i wouldn't accept the job even if they wan me badly.. hehehe..

Nevertheless.. there is also the other side to the coin.. 'beggers can't be choosers' too... so.. *hmm* - life...

Angel :)

7:01 PM  
Blogger sunnybaby said...

hey, saw ur comment on my blog. thanks for dropping by yea. =) keep blogging, it de-stresses bigtime.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Katherine said...

i want the v3i too!! hehe.. but too bad they don't have it in pink. haizz...

Kat <3

11:18 PM  
Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

u rock ! :)

by the way, v3i has no 3g function. v3x has all u need, but fuck, it looked a bit too boxy. ;)

11:53 AM  
Blogger MAC Daddy said...

yea apart from 3g and 2mpx camera, the 3x sucks..somemore the 3x is soo fat..copared to 3i..frankly i dun see the need for a 3g hp.. even my 6680 is 3g enabled but i nvr used it b4!! lol...

umm.. well guess there are some ppl can swallow pride and work under boss like them.. but not me, definetly..maybe im a bit too straight forward.. but thats my character :)

12:27 AM  

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