Monday, March 20, 2006

No $$ No Honey

i just realize i spend quite alot... when u got a job, $$ is not a problem. Every last week of the month, you find your bank balance topped up by a few K for you.. $800 mobile phone, $3.2 K laptop, VIP rooms at clubs, Swarovski crystals for my bitches, my fav clothes at Raoul, movies every weekend.. all tat seemed to be a thing of the past... Come to think of it..im completely living a different lifestyle now.. But at least im not hard-up for a job right now.. Had a few offers the past week, but the pay was pathetic so rejected them flat. Can't believe ppl in SG are sooo desperate for a job that they are willing to accept soo low paying jobs with so much responsibilities??? More job = more pay.. duh.. Maybe they got fianicial problem at home? Maybe kena shotgun then need to support the gal and the kid??

My bank balance probably last me another 2 mths..at least till my exams are over. The can go on a proper job hunt... Oh yea Dave, FUCK YOU FAT MOTHAFUCKER.. U CHEEBYE SON OF A BITCH... U probably got someone to dick-fuck u in the nose that's why your nose was bleeding the other day.. Or probably your nose was mensturating? Better not let me see you again if not i gonna tie a fucking kotex around your face next time. Want to pay peanuts, u better go to Singapore Zoo and hire the monkeys there lah.. KNN...Fuck you bastard!!

Im quite getting used to life at home now... this is a fucking good time to do those outstanding stuff which i had KIV for the past year or so.. hahaha..

1) Clean my room
2) Paint my room
3) Set up my marine fish tank
4) Complete all my sch stuff
5) ummm... yea catch up on my gym (probably aft my exams)

Talking about school work.. i got 5 fucking projs to complete + prepare for 5 upcomming exams.. What kind of fuck planning is the sch doing??!! 1st few semesters quite slack, now damn fucking siong!!

humm.. not bad, i have been able to blog every other day since i started this blog.. hahaha...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well.. life changes at every turn doesn't it...

We can't really plan the whole of our lives.. but just what we can manage for now..

Its really funnie how everything boils down to $$.. though we might say well... money is not everything blah blah blah.. but ultimately.. $$ IS part of our lives.. hmm..

Nevertheless its good ure enjoying some free time.. amidst the studying and stuff..

Angel :)

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

haha... u got a gd sense of humour. :p

who's dave btw? he he

9:31 PM  
Blogger MAC Daddy said...

as they say $$ makes the world go around.. haha

dave is the fucking interviewer who made me wait 45 mins and had no decency to call and inform ppl lahh..

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Ben said...

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4:00 PM  

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