Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Things that piss me off....

Some ppl juz piss me off... fucking hell.. pls use your brain b4 you talk?? the brain's there for a reason.... my wonderful housemate's fren called him from the train station to ask another guy (who drives) to pick him up... but this guy went to the city for the new years.. but this fucking housemate of mine, volunteered myself without even have the decency to ask me first to pick this guy up.. i mean wtf.. i only met him once and he maybe be good frens with the other 2 guys but i hardly know him... i mean if your taking the train, check the bloody bus timings man as you know the bus service here in bullshit... you just don't arrive in the train station and expect ppl to come running to fetch you!! Or at least nvm.. have the decency to inform me b4 hand so i know you are coming, not when you are at the train station and call me to pick you up immediately! i not you fucking taxi driver for goodness sake... even when i came back from the airport, after enduring a 1hr ride to the airport, 8hr flight, 2 hr check-out, 0.5 hr bus ride then a 2.5hr train ride and i miss the bus home, i waited at the bus stop for 1 hr b4 the next bus arrived with my 3 fucking huge luggages when i could have easily called for someone to pick me up??!! Why didn't i??? Simply cos i believe its not good to depend on others when i can help myself.. only when i situations when i really need help do i ask for it... everyone has their own problems and i think its not good to keep bother others.... but some ppl are so fucking dependent that once you help then once or twice, they keep relying on you to help them all the bloody damn time!!! I'm not selfish or whatever.. i'll go all out to help my frends but dont keep making it a fucking habit! I hate ppl to keep replying on others and become too lazy to do things themselves...

another note.. nye celebrations was awsome!! went to Flinders to watch the fireworks and countdown... but it was soooo damn hotttt.. 32 d even at 11pm! imagine how it was like in the day!! fucking summer... my first summer here and i'm missing the weather back home... but after Feb it would be ok as it woule be autumn!! the whole city was packed with people and we checked out this club (that took 2 bloody hrs to Q to enter!)... it was alrite... nothing like Zouk or MOS... but happening then the rest.. anyways uncle too old to fire up the dance floor already so sat in one corner and had some drinks with the rest of the guys.... drank... talk to ppl.. i realized that the chics here are easier to talk to.. (one even came up to me and asked if i wanted to have some fun at the back?) hahah... and everyone juz went around hugging everyone wishing happy new years!! haha.. nice!

trying to find ways to make $$$ now... need to spend over 1K on the car for the parts and juz spent another 50 bucks on interiors for my car... and these are just the minor stuff.. dashboard mats.. sun-screens... steering wheel cover etc...LOL.. guess old habit die hard... its kinda hard to get started here to make $$ coz ur a foreigner and there are lots of restrictions and need to apply for this and that shite.. all that bloody crap.. not like back home where you are a citizen of your own country and things are a lot simpler... well i believe that nothing is impossible..


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