Monday, August 07, 2006


KNN.. what’s so fucking great about national day?? Isn’t it the same ‘ol shite every year!!! One mad man standing in front of the parade shouting his lungs out and the rest of the people marching around here and there…. Asked a couple of people what’s the best part about National Day…. Most common answer I got was “Wahhh.. the fireworks soo nice one leh!” KNN.. my 9 inch cracker can also give fireworks better than that! Honestly guys, wake up for fucking idea can…. Like my professor was telling the other time… Singapore does not have a heritage like most countries…. Majority of us came from China Land in fucking pig-sty conditioned junks…. Come here work as coolie and smoke opium… WTF… But one thing hasn’t changed though… Then, made to work like dogs by the Ang Mo’s… now made to work like dogs by our own kind…. CCB… and we want to celebrate for this kind of nation…

Another thing I cannot help but to feel fucking pissed is the huge “Land of 4 Million Smiles” advertisement I saw a few days ago splattered on a bus!! I mean fucking hell.. wake up u dumb asses… Land of 4 million smiles?? If I saw this in Bangkok it would be quite alright I guess but here in SG?!!! That has to be the joke of the millennium… In this country where if u smile to the other person walking down the street.. they would probably go like “Sieow ah?!!”… or if you glance at another person, the next word out of their mouth would be “Stare what stare?!”…. First it was the advert from NUS showing that ang mo chick throwing away all the offers from Harvard and Princeton to choose NUS.. now this kind shite… I mean if you wanna bullshite can… but also must have a limit right?? How can you bullshite through you nose, mouth and ass until like that???!! Make me wanna puke watch this kind of out-of-this world crap…. I thought my jokes were crappy until I saw what fuck-shite has been happening recently….

Proven fact: S’poreans tend to be friendlier to ang mos rather than to their own kind…. Even when the time I used to travel on SIA, most of the ang mo travelers would be attended promptly and always with a smile… But when to came to Asians, they serve like they don’t give a fuck… Serve for the sake of serving!! KNN go inside the cabin toilet and fuck the spider!! U not happy to serve then don’t fucking serve… show me your black face until my appetite run away… Must be the years of colonial rule.. soaked into the genes of their grandfather then passed down through the generations…. CCB.. come fuck my dog.. it’s a German Sheaperd.. also got ang mo heritage!! Haha

Actually the main reason why I am fucking mad is that today I called up MOM cos I wanted to ask them if what my fucking boss doing is legal.. holding me back and not letting me resign before the 1 yr period and need to give 3 months notice after which!! Fucking hell never heard of this kind of CB contract before… then a guys answered and after hearing my side of the story, he said I have to abide the contract…. I mean that got such thing as “Employment Act” for fuck??? Maybe as it’s name implies it’s just an “act” to make people thing that they are protected by our wonderful gahmen… Then ask him doesn’t the “Employment Act” take precedence over the other contracts then he said that one I have to go talk to a lawyer and sort it out with them…

KNN.. it’s like telling me…”You signed the contract now it’s your problem… We always support the employers as they pay us good $$$ every FY through taxes and we will help them by ever means necessary to milk every singe drop of employee and squeeze you dry and throw you in one corner. The you can go fuck yourself for being a loser and born in Stinkapore”….. Frankly I do not know why I signed such a fucked up contract at that point in time… maybe I needed the $$ to supplement my lifestyle.. cos being jobless for 5 months is not a joke considering my lifestyle…. Guess we all learn from mistakes…. If we don’t make mistakes, we will never learn… period

To: KBW… fuck you… U damn lucky my hands are tied...N your fucking ego is as big as your room... If not for the early termination… I’d say this right in your fucking face.



Blogger The Horny Bitch said...

Cool it daddy.. I don't like seving s'poreans u know y? They expect so much. Smile to them they say u fake..

9:17 PM  
Blogger MAC Daddy said...

no offence... not all lah... but most of them from my exp...

some quite flirty.. i like! hahaha =)

9:37 PM  
Blogger Sunflower said...

wow, you so powerful!

11:07 PM  
Blogger peilinggg said...

LOL you're so vulgar it's funny.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Where have you been? MIA for so long..

stink-a-pore? ure damn funnie.. haha

yea in a way it's true because i find the employers interest are always put first. What to do.. *sigh*

hey, 2 posts in 2 days. Ure new record.. :))

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:34 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

We are made to work like animals and what do we get in return?

Cheer up dude.. remember the saying, "What goes around, comes around".. :o)

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Angel said...

show me your fireworks.. quick.. show me.. show me.. whahaha =)


8:02 PM  
Blogger Xia_mi_mi said...

Wa..sounds pissed you are.. =S

But well..singapore may seem not as gracious as it seems at times...but surely there is something good abt it too? Or there isn't any? hehe

6:45 PM  
Blogger The Horny Bitch said...

Settle liao boh?

5:05 PM  
Blogger MAC Daddy said...

angel - u too far away


12:23 AM  
Blogger MAC Daddy said...

thb - havent yet... still in the fucking process..

lesson learnt... haha

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Jay J said...

U rock DUDE!

12:18 AM  
Anonymous W(hy) P(ay) said...

Come join my Left-wing party

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Angel said...

have u been busy with ure fireworks.. or have u been really busy.. hee hee =)


7:48 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

oii.. where u gone?

11:20 PM  

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