Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Start. Let’s Go

It’s time again.. Time to carry ang mo’s ballz… Looks like the years of colonial training has taught us well… Suddenly all the upgrades magically complete… The shops renovation at change airport is completed… the upgrading at Marina also completed…. The construction work opposite Suntec all nicely covered up with SMILE Singapore posters… Surprised to see people smiling soo happily in this day and time as if they kena 4-D or TOTO first prize..… knn must be on of those 66.6%.. CCB went down to Suntec to meet Alvin (cos that fucker works there) then kena road block everywhere… want to cut through Raffles Hotel to walk over to Suntec also cannot cos the whole Hotel kena guard by the blue falcons. They can some more bring the scanning machine down and place it at every entrance of the hotel.. so fucking inconvenient!! A 15 min walk now took me a bloody ½ hr cos I had to walk one cb round the hotel… if not I had to get scanned to go in… then when I exit at the other end, kena scanned again… fuck shite! I thought the fucking meeting was at the Convection Center what…. Not at Raffles Hotel??!! SO much security for fuck? As if they hide their mistresses there… CCB….Am gonna skip that whole bloody farking area till they go back….

Actually went down to see Alvin cos got a lot of free time now… I was finally released from my shite job… Last Friday was my LAST DAY!!! Haha People ORD once in their lifetime.. but I ORD twice!! Haha.. That KBW finally got a sucker to replace me so decided to let me go.. but not until keeping me for the full 3 month notice period… that bastard can postpone my last day then got the bloody cheek to ask me to give him a report of all my contributions for the past 3 months??!! WTF… Wake up you idea, you bastard.. where got people who want to resign slogg so hard for your co.? I dun give a flying fuck since the day I tender.. just waiting for you to terminate my contract .. U ask me to give this kind of fuck report.. I just told him I never contribute anything so got no report to write… and save his Co. that one piece of paper… what the fuck he wanna do? Ask me to return the salary he already paid me?? Hahah… think that must be the final straw cos the next day he brought in the new guy…. Anyways PEACE OF MIND for me at last!! Can fuck off from that stinking place.... haha

Went down to Holland V on Sat to celebrate this joyous occasion with Lex, Alvin, Steve, Mich… and also to watch my beloved Liverpool play… but it was a sad day cos Liverpool played like the Singapore Lions….That night wasn’t that good, for me at least.. First, Liverpool lost… Second they not only lost, but lost 3-0!!... Third I ended up paying for a meal for the next table…. Maybe I was too engrossed with they losing the match that I signed the bill without checking properly....It was not until someone from the other table noticed that they were not charge for a meal they had and told the waitress.. then the waitress went to check with the cashier… Then the cashier found out that the smart alec from the next table actually signed for their meal already….. the waitress then came to explain to me… she said it was the cashier’s fault.. then the cashier said it was the watiress’s fault… KNN I was already soo sad my Liverpool lost then see this kind of tai chi show…. I got fed up seeing both of them do wayang show.. so I told them to forget it cos they gave some excuse that I already signed and they cannot offer a refund unless it’s a cash payment or something like that…It only fucking $12 man… spare me the crap!! Then this gal from the next table (probably whose meal whom I so generously paid for) came up and offered to pay me for the mistake… But I was already embarrassed cos of the whole incident told her its alrite cos its was just a misunderstanding… but she insisted on paying… So I told her I don’t want to accept her $$ but instead she could buy me coffee in return…. Haha… then she smile and said OK.. so we exchanged nos..found out her name was Elisa…. She called the next day (was quite surprised she called) and found out she was actually with the planning committee for the carrying white-ballz contingent…haha... and she was there with a colleagues that night for a get-together before they went full swing cos most of the guests were arriving on Monday…. Said that she would be very busy for the next 2 weeks and would not have any time to talk or go for coffee... Told her we can go for coffee anytime after she’s finished her work cos I’m damn fucking free now… hahaha…

Hummm… as for sch …..I always wondered why there are some people can be so good at everything…. It’s like you give them anything also they can do.. and not only do.. but do it well… But I'm not like that… neither I am stupid... I tend to do well at things that I’m interested at…. If I dun like something, no matter how hard I try, I cannot make it… just like how I failed my 2nd language papers from sec to JC… only scrapping thru at my Os and As…. Thing is I got 4 units now… and one of it is a fucking programming unit… why the fuck I’m doing programming in an engineering program I do not know! If I wanted to learn programming I would have gone and taken up some fucking IT program for goodness sake!! Bastards…. IT and me are like miles apart.. like Earth and Pluto.. maybe even further! CCB…. I decided to drop that unit cos no point spending time on something which I know I got no interest in… and possibly fail in the exams…. Rather focus my time on the other 3 units… Assignments due in Oct.. for now.. its time to relaxxx… =)

An Interesting Pic...... hahaha


Anonymous J.J said...

I try to keep away from that area too! haha where did you take that pic dude?

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Angel said...

ure back.. hee hee =) Me catching up with assignments too.. ta ta


7:19 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

yo daddy! hey cheer up.. there are some who can do everything but can't excell in all... try to focus on what you are interested in and try your best.. :))

1:06 AM  

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